UncategorisedWe Are Back!

The Sunday Morning Netball League returned this morning to a near perfect day.  Eight teams took to the court for their first encounter since we came out of the latest Covid 19 lockdown and its fair to say that the appetite for this sport has not diminished over the last four months.

All four games were very close in terms of match play all the way through but some of our shooters were a little more consistent than others. First up Panthera v Cougars (15v21). Cougars taking a lead into the first half with Panthera reeling them in in the third quarte only for Cougars to pull away again.

Second up we had Vixens v Hustlers which proved a little more straight forward for Vixens who lead by a healthy margin throughout the game.

Scorchers versus Ninjas came next following a similar route as game two. Some hard felt possession and with both sides having new players settling into the swing of things. Ninjas running out winners

T Birds and Sweaty Bettys brought up the rear this morning. Bettys new to the league, took the win by some margin but that’s not to say T Birds were out of the game by any stretch of the imagination.

Well played everyone. Same time and place next Sunday morning. I am hoping for another fine and sunny day!


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