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Sunday Morning League – Week 2

Four more great games of netball this morning at Manton Sports Club, Worksop. All fiercely competed and without doubt the defenders were outstanding in my humble opinion.

Starting off we had T Birds v The Scorchers and a game that could have gone either way. It finished 13 v 17 with both teams picking up their first points of the new season. Next up we had Sweaty Bettys v Vixens…..the current league champions. Vixens defence was too strong for newcomers Bettys but it made for a very entertaining game with a score line not truly reflecting the competitive play from both teams. It got off to a slow start…taking four minutes before the first goal was scored. Final score 10 v 24 In Vixens favour.

Ninjas and Cougars took to the court next and again very hard fought by both teams with both defences playing outstanding netball to limit the scoring for much of the game. Cougars pulled away though in the final quarter and ran out winners 19 v 11.  Our last game was Hustlers v Panthera. Both teams committed to getting their first win of the season. The game ebbed and flowed but eventually Panthera got into their flow and pulled off the win.

Well done to everyone that played this morning. More again next Sunday!

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